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Test Equipment for Servovalves and Proportional Valves
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In 2000 year Joachim Dietz, Boris Vasilegin, Vsevolod Shashkov, and Mikhail Shashkov have discovered a new method for a fast identifications of static and dynamic responses of servo- and proportional valves (see the article). Based on the new method, a low cost test system was constructed for Russian branch of MOOG. To continue development, Joachim Dietz has founded DIETZ automation GmbH. Now our test systems ValveExpert are used in Germany, Russia, USA, England (UK), France, India, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Turkey, Taiwan, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Ukraine, Denmark, Canada.

Prof. Dr. Vsevolod Shashkov

Professor at the university of Nizhny-Novgorod, faculty for numerical mathematics and cybernetics. Over 60 publications in mathematics. Vsevolod Shashkov is responsible for numerical methods.

Joachim DIETZ 
Over 30 years was employed in managing position by MOOG. Founder and general manager of MOOG branches in France, Ireland, Spain, Philippines and Russia. In 2001 Joachim Dietz founded Dietz automation GmbH. He was general manager and worked for the company up to 2009.

Dr. Mikhail Shashkov

Since several years worked as senior researcher at the institute for applied mathematics and cybernetics in Nizhny Novgorod. Over 30 publications in mathematics. Mikhail Shashkov is the main developer of the test equipment ValveExpert, 100% owner, and actual general manager of DIETZ automation.

Boris Vasilegin

Over 30 years was employed in managing positions at Voskhod. From 1987 to 1994 Boris Vasilegin was the general manager. He is a USSR State Prize winner. Boris Vasilegin is responsible for hydraulics.